The Unspoken Truth About Color

 The Unspoken Truth About Color
A Dialogue in Art Quilts About Racism

All photos are copyright of the artist. Please do not reproduce without the permission of the artist.

"Billie's Tree" - Carol Beck

"Journey" - Sherry Boram

"Sin Tones" - Diana Bracy

"Racism - Love & Understanding Overcome It" - Diana Bracy

"America the Unbeautiful"   Jacqueline Bryant Campbell

"Life's Masquerade" - Nancy Cash

"Racism Corrodes" - Susanne Clawson

"Origins of Racism"  - Betty Colburn

"Pecking Order" - Eileen Doughty

"History Lesson" - Michelle Flamer

"Enough Cross Words" - Debra Gabel

"More Than Skin Deep" - Jeanne Marklin

"Haiti Girl - But Where Were You Before" - Juno McClellan-Ryan

"Advocacy, Acceptance, and Appreciation"  Juno McClellan-Ryan

"They will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." - Mary Scales


"Garden of Haiti" - Susan Shie

"It's Not All Black and White" - Jeanette Thompson

"Fragmented America" - Jeanette Thompson

"Friends" - Dr. Susan Walen

"Diminished" - Elizabeth Warner

"Visions of Change I" - Sauda Zhara

"Visions of Change II" - Sauda Zhara


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