Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reflections on September 11th, A Decade Later

 Carol Beck, Phoenix Rising
 Bonnie J. Smith, September 11, 2001 Blue & Yellow

 Jacqueline Bryant Campbell, September Sky
 Nancy Cash, World Peace
 Betty Colburn, Homeland Security
 Michelle Flamer, A Time For Everything
 Marjorie Diggs Freeman, Surviving, Improving....Remembering
 Jeanette Thompson, Thank You
 Jancy Mc Clellan-Ryan, Unforgotten Family
 Kathy Zieben, Reclaiming Ground Zero
 Susan Levering, Frozen
 Karen Musgrave, Story Repeated
 Karen Musgrave, Be Peace
 Susanne Reed, Only Love Can do That
 Susan Shie, 911-A Primer
 Jeanette Thompson, Across the Universe
 Jeanette Thompson, Never Enough Tears
 Betty Warner, Not in Fear
 Janice Willis, Choas and Confusion

Reflections on September 11th, A Decade Later exhibition will be a part of,
American Armistice – The Epoch of the Peacemakers
(For more info check out Facebook)

September, 11th, 11am-1:30 pm

at the Meridian Stage as part of the Chicago Fringe Festival
For info about times to view the show check the events tab

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  1. Jeanette, thank you so very much for all of your hard work and excellent coverage of this 9/11 show that you curated for Fiber Artists for Hope. I love seeing the installation of the peace messages of fringes, and know that our little quilts were an excellent fit with that whole program. And you're keeping our Racism show touring, too, AND teaching art full time! Many thanks for giving us so much of your excellent, very professional energy and time! Susan